Puppet making and manipulation is a fabulous way to combine many different skills together in one project. Clydebuilt run a very extensive education programme working with all ages from 2 - 5s, 5+ years and teenagers. We also do longer sessions with schools and workshops for teachers.  Please phone to ask for more details of how we can tailor our skills to your groups's requirements.

Shadow Puppet Making

AGES 5 upwards and Families

Shadow puppetry is a great quick, and creative way to make your own characters in a short period of time. Clydebuilt are very experienced in helping children create their own characters. The emphasis of our workshops is to develop each individual child’s ability to make and manipulate puppets.

Possible subjects include:

Egyptians/Vikings/ Native Americans/ Victorians/ Pirates/ Toys/Underwater creatures/ Traditional stories/ Scottish Stories or anything else you may wish to explore, please ask for details.

Group work – working together as a team encourages effective contributors and confident individuals.

“ A new way of working for them, very creative, taking a series of puppets and then having to make a story around them, rather making them write a script first”
So many possibilities and transferable  skills learned, we can use this technique for many different projects”. We liked the way you worked with, and encouraged the children”
Letham Primary Fife 2013


Workshops for Little Ones

For ages 2 + years

This is a simple version for younger children.  Children love to make their own characters for a variety of topics, or, just for fun.  These workshops are great for encouraging technology, developing motor skills and co-ordination.

They generally take place after a show for a short 20 minute session where they can decorate a character of their choosing.  Lots of help from Mums and Dads required - a great 'sharing activity' with your child who then goes home happy with their very own puppet!


Workshops for Teachers

Puppetry is a marvellous medium for combining several skills together.  Our workshops for teachers aim to increase confidence in making and manipulation techniques.

Clydebuilt are very experienced working with both children and adults. In 2010 we received funding to develop workshops for teachers in both rod puppetry and shadow puppet making and manipulation as part of the ‘Celebrating Fife’ project.

 We can run workshops as part of the in service days for your staff.  Please get in touch so we can design each session specially for you.

 We have developed education packs detailing all the steps for our puppet making workshops so teachers can refer to them for future projects.

The Da Vinci group would like to thank you for the great sessions we all enjoyed with you both this January 2014

The staff got so much out of the workshops and I have to say it was the easiest puppet I have ever made – but so effective.

The children loved the performances and the workshops.

As always,  it was a pleasure to work with such professional people who could be so  flexible to the needs of the different schools.


Drop in Puppet Making

Family participation.

Great for events and open days drop in puppet making involves making flat cardboard puppets that can be decorated as each child wishes.  Younger children can be involved with the help of Mum, Dad or Grandpa.  No sitting on the side allowed, everyone gets involved in this great activity for the whole family.

The puppet making was always mobbed” – East Ayrshire Council open day at Burns Museum

New workshop themes for 2016 - Mediaeval Puppets/Nessie the Loch ness Monster and more.  Get in touch for details.


Rod Puppet Making

For ages 6 – 12 years

3 Dimensional puppets are very rewarding but take time and effort from both children and staff.  The average time to make one puppet and to learn to move it successfully is 2 x 2 hour sessions.

Puppets are made from polystyrene spheres/wooden spoons with simple fabric costume pieces that can then be decorated to suit each individual project/character.

For schools this works well as an in-service activity as adults can learn all stages quickly and then pass them on to their classes over a number of sessions.

 “Miss Leigh, thank you for teaching year 3 to make puppets and Mr Steve, we loved your show!” Da Eun – Year 3 pupil, British School of Nanjing