Age range 4+ with their parents

The Big bad Wolf is serving tea today, (juice and water) for brave children.
…and miniature biscuits/cakes too – select from his cake stand.

An interactive short piece (5mins long) for 2/3 children to talk to Mr Wolf. Wearing Grannies’s shawl and glasses, he will serve tea, talk about his adventures and how Granny and Red Riding Hood escaped from his clutches.

This improvised piece allows the audience to have a conversation with Mr Wolf, share an experience and find out a bit more about his plans for the future…

Clydebuilt will bring a table and 2 or 3 chairs, juice and biscuits in miniature. Mr Wolf also requires some warm water for his washing up bowl to keep his tea set clean. (He will bring his own bowl and tea cloth).

Sessions from 2 – 3 hours max. (5 mins per group)
Can be performed inside or outside (weather permitting).

A behind the sofa moment for a few people, some small people thought he was real!

Perth Museum and Art Gallery